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Viva La Cuba

I went to Cuba recently and fell in LOVE!

The beaches are gorgeous and clean! Playa Del Este is 20 minutes outside of Havana.  If you're up for a day trip or overnight trip outside the city the check out Veradero beach. 
It's a little further away but it's pure heaven.

The architecture in Cuba is amazing! From the bright, colorful art deco/art nouveau, to the old world colonial buildings-Cuba is an architecture lover's paradise.  Many of the buildings are very old and some are even falling apart.  But it just adds to the unconventional beauty of the city.

Cuba has a thriving art scene with many contributing artists.  The art is very vibrant with clear Spanish, Caribbean, and African influences.

The people in Cuba were so nice!! Everyone was so friendly and I felt so welcomed.  I was a little shocked to see so many Afro Cubans since I don't see many in the states.  The men in Cuba were fine!!!  That's one of the main reasons I want to go back lol!  I also met nice people from the states and Europe who I still keep in touch with.

I plan to go as soon as possible although I'm still unclear on the new rules and restrictions -_-.  I'll figure it out. I still have more exploring to do in Cuba.

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