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Date Night Snapshot

Happy September! Summer is almost over and I'm sad.  I'm not a huge fan of Fall and I hate Winter.  I'm from the North East so I'm used to it but I still hate it. I plan to retire in a tropical location one day. Now is the time to reflect and think about how I want to end 2018. 
And I want to end it on a bang! I'm working on it :). 

How to Wear Polka Dots

Hello Darlings! I hope everyone is enjoying the last leg of Summer.  Fall is officially one month away :(.  Fall is ok, but I prefer Summer, even if it's 100+ degrees with humidity like it felt last weekend in DC.  Maybe that's a bit much.  Even this super cute, breezy sundress and floppy hat couldn't save me from that sweltering heat.  

How to Look Sexy but Classy

Some of us want to look sexy. Some of us want to look classy.  Then there are those of us who want both!  It's something you really have to think about when executing.  Some looks can be overly sexy and borderline trashy.  There is no such thing as too classy.  But depending on the person, the setting, or the event, some classy looks can be boring or can age a person (think Kate Middleton).  There are rules and guidelines to pull off a sexy but classy look.  It's an art that many don't think about. 

Lady in Red Nails

It's time to say goodbye to July and hello to August.  It's time for new goals, new opportunities, new experiences, and new nail polish lol. 

Petite Women Problems

Summer is my favorite season and it's already halfway over :(.  Outside of my trip to Panama, I haven't been taking full advantage of the summer (except chilling on my rooftop).  I plan to enjoy the rest of the summer days as much as possible.  Winter is right around the corner :(.

5 Days in Panama City

I just came back from a Panama City and I had a blast!  I can't wait to go back!  Panama is now on my short list for places to retire.  I've been sad since I came back :(.  5 days was not enough time at all!  But I will definitely be back :)!

Purple Reign

Happy Monday!  Today I'm coming to you with a gorgeous dress for sale!  I  didn't want to part with it, but I need more closet space.