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Grey Area

I'm still patiently waiting for Spring to come.  I've been over the winter for weeks now
 but it's still here :(!

Timeless Glamour

I'm not sure what season we're in in DC.  It's February, so that's winter time.  But last week we hit 80 degrees.  The week before I was wearing this vintage fur coat.  

Velvet Dreams

Happy Post Valentine's Day! I hope it was filled with love, lust, hugs, kisses, roses, candy, dinner, 
diamonds, and all that good stuff.  My day was great and I look forward to more!

Galaxy of Style

It's still winter in DC -_-.  The air is cold, and the sky is gray.  I think I have a serious case of winter blues.  I don't want to go outside unless I'm going to a grand event where I can where a 
glam dress or gown like this one.

Winter Blues

I'm not a fan of Winter. Being from the North East, I'm used to it. But I still hate it.  Snow days are cool if you have someone to cuddle with.  But other than that, I'd rather be on a beach right now.

But glamour never takes a day off! So I won't let the cool temperatures stop the show.  It's still gala/formal season in DC and plenty of socials to attend.

Saranghae Beauty: 5 Step Routine for Beautiful Skin

Now that winter has set in -_-, many of us need to step up our skincare game.  Although I am still on the younger side, I've noticed that my skin isn't as vibrant as it used to be :(. I also hate wearing foundation.  BB cream, mascara, and eyeliner are my everyday essentials. I need a skincare system that will give me a natural glow without wearing makeup.  So when I came across Saranghae
I was super excited to try it out!

Green with Envy

Happy Friday Eve!  I'm reporting from my rooftop again even though the weather has drastically changed and I wasn't really ready -_-.