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Hello Again!


Happy Summer!   I can't believe it's been two years since my last post!!  I've been away for way too long and I know it (blame Covid, Monkeypox, and everything else going on right now).  A lot has happened and changed since my last post.  My relationship status changed, my financial status changed, went through some health challenges, and more.  This past year in particular has been a roller coaster.  One of those big, steep, scary roller coasters too.  The highs have been super high, and the lows have been extremely low.  

Pretty in Pink Summer

This has been a Summer like no other.  Not in a good way unfortunately.   Despite the total chaos of the times, I try to focus on the good when I can.  

Black is Queen

In case you didn't know, I am a black woman.  I'm a Black American woman from the North, 
with Southern and Caribbean roots.

Self Care with Derma E

Self care is more than a new trend.  It's extremely important and necessary for our well being.  Especially during times of uncertainty and volatility (2020). I have definitely used my time on house arrest to step up my self care game.  That's why I decided to partner with Derma E and try their new skin de-stress CBD bundle.  

Quarantine Lifestyle

These past couple of months have been crazy indeed.  It feels like a crazy action movie without the super heroes to save us.  I never thought I would have to wear a mask to go to the grocery store.  Or that the grocery store was one of the few places I could go -_-.  But it is what it is for now.  
At least in D.C. 

Spring Fling

Hello lovelies!  I'm here to brighten up these dark Spring days.  The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are blooming, but it feels like we are in the midst of an apocalypse.  But it won't last forever.  Like all tough times, this will pass and we will all come out better

Holiday Boutique Launch

Happy Holidays loves!! I know it's been a while, but I've been working hard on my new venture and it's finally here!!  I've been working day and night to bring TaeLamode to fruition, just in time for the holiday festivities.  I'm proud, excited and scared at the same time!  But this is only the beginning!