I’m Takara Ayana and I’m obsessed with dresses!  I love everything classy, sexy, and glam, and I’m heavily inspired by 1940s-50s vintage glamour.  I’m more traditional than modern and I stay true to myself through my lady like style.  My love for fashion in general started with my mother who was a corporate fashionista.  She was always sophisticated and stylish.  She taught me how to sew at a young age and passed many of her treasures down to me.

            I’m originally from CT and I currently live in Washington D.C.  I love living in D.C.!  There’s so much to do and experience here; museums, art galleries, and history.  I especially love the social events and galas here!  Although I love D.C., I still like to get away and travel from time to time.  Especially during the winter.

            When I’m not working my day job in finance, I’m selling glam dresses and gowns on platforms like Poshmark and Ebay.  I’m also a dressmaker but I never have the time between work, social life, and travel… Maybe one day. 

Through this blog I will share my personal style chronicles and my adventures in DC and beyond.  In the process, I will also share my personal growth and development experiences since moving to a new city is life changing.  Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Stay Sexy. Keep it Classy

Takara Ayana

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