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Timeless Glamour

I'm not sure what season we're in in DC.  It's February, so that's winter time.  But last week we hit 80 degrees.  The week before I was wearing this vintage fur coat.  

I don't know if I should be getting ready for Spring or if winter is still in full effect.  I'm totally over Winter.  I'm not really a fan, I just tolerate it (barely).  The only things I like about Winter is that I get to wear pretty fur coats and I can cuddle with my favorite person.  Other than that, meh! 

Enough ranting! Let me tell you about this fabulous coat!  It's a vintage fur from Bird Speakman. 
 It's a classic coat but still very modern. It's super soft and it's the perfect blend of grey, brown, and white tones.  It's lightweight but extremely warm!

I can go all out glam with this coat.  
Or I can wear it with a jeans and boots and still look fabulous!

This classic piece is now up for sale for another lovely lady to enjoy! 
Check out out this beauty and other items via the Poshmark link on the side bar!

Until next time, keep it #SexybutSophisitcated

Shoes- Nine West
Necklace-Ann Taylor Earrings-Vintage
Faux Fur Stole-Macy's 
Union Station DC


  1. Very nice! With this crazy weather who knows if I’ll be ready to purchase a coat like this come April. Great find!

  2. Oh yeah! That is vintage I love your coat and I agree that this is timeless, glamorous and functional.

  3. The coat is pure glam! I love it. It is truly a timeless classic and can be paired easily with any attire.

  4. The only fur I have is vintage. It's fun to pick the pieces up, and you are right - so classic and timeless! :)

    1. Yep the vintage furs are better than the new ones imo!

  5. Beautiful pictures and love your style. Timeless, classy, and fun, keep up the awesome work.

  6. What a beautiful coat, stylish, fashionable and perfect fitting. You look super glamarous in it.

  7. This coat is so gorgeous!!! It has such a timeless glamour look and feel to it. Love it!

  8. Your style is phenomenal! I love how elegant you made it look! I am in love with that coat!