Why I Love Red Dresses

Red, the single most dynamic and passionate color, symbolizes love, rage, and courage.

Demanding attention, red has a great emotional impact.  Those who select red are ambitious, impulsive, and strive for success.  The desire to experience the fullness of life leads to constant activity.  Totally me. 

I've always love the color red since I was a little girl.  I guess it had an emotional impact on me.  One of my aunts used to wear red dresses all the time.  I always loved the way they looked on her.  I also loved the way the colored looked against her skin tone.  She was a very bold, confident, and beautiful lady.  She passed away many years ago.  When she passed, she left a part of her with me:
 her love for the color red. 

I wear red when I want to be noticed in a room full of dark attire.  Dark colored suits and dresses are common attire here in DC.  This works to my advantage.  I'm not saying I'm always the only person wearing red, but I'm usually one of the few.   

This particular red number is from Nordstrom Rack.  As soon as I saw it I wanted it just because it was red.  I love the way the stretch material hugs my curves.  
I also love the big ruffle on the shoulder.

I paired it with black sequins Jewel Badgley Mischka shoes.  I haven't worn these shoes since New Years when it was 17 degrees outside!

I added a few of my favorite accessories: my glam bracelet from Aldo and my vintage gold purse.

Hope you enjoy my red dress post/diaries.  There will definitely be more lol!


  1. I love this type of post! I especially liked the little story about your love of red coming from your Aunt. Also, that vintage purse is stunning!

  2. I understand you love red, it looks so stunning on you!

  3. That dress looks AMAZING on you! And you're right...red is such a power color and it demands attention. I love this particular dress too, especially the ruffle. Unfortunately I don't look good in red because I am way too pale and my skin has red undertones, so I never wear it. Maybe I should try out different shades of red, and see if one will work :)

  4. i love the colour red, it is full of passion and extremely eye catching. you look so confident and stylish

  5. I so love your red dress. You looking great in it.

  6. That dress looks tailored to you. LOVE the way it hugs your curves so beautifully. I can see why you love red dresses so much. They really help a woman step into her feminine energy and red truly does seem like the color of passion, doesn't it? Aside from that, red really compliments your skin tone.