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New Year New Moves

Happy 2019!! I hope that the new year is starting off great for everyone.  
If not, hopefully the rest of the year will be great!

 Unfortunately, 2019 has started out on the tough side for me :(.  Everything has hit me at one time (job, car, misc).  I was down and out for a little while but I know this episode won't last forever.

In fact, I believe some things happen for a reason and I will be better off in the end.  I was holding on to some toxicity because I was afraid to take a chance.   I was holding on to a job that I hated because I was afraid of going off on my own again.  Now I have the chance I guess.  Sure, I can look for another job but do I really want to lol.  Not really.

I probably mentioned this in a previous post but I'm not fond of the 9-5, desk life.  I tried to force it for some years now but, I still hate it.  Sure it provides a certain level of security and stability.  But that's not guaranteed these days.  Look at the recent government shutdown!

So I'm walking down a new path this year and taking a chance/risk on myself.  I know it will take a lot of work and some risk taking.  But it will be worth it in the end.  I will make 2019 a great year!

Now about this dress!! I love sweater dresses and fur.  It's the only things that I actually like about winter.  Sweater dresses and skirts are my winter staples.  They're warm and cozy, and still feminine, sophisticated, and sometimes sexy like this one.

This dress looks like a regular turtle neck sweater dress until you see the sexy side slit! 
 It makes the whole dress!!  It's definitely a head turner.

This is not an everyday dress ( It can be I guess).  For me, it's a date night or party dress.

It can be dress up with glam accessories or dress down but that's not really me.  Lol

I like everything glam and sparkly.  And I plan on having a glam and sparkling 2019!

How will you make 2019 great?!

Dress-Jlux Label
Purse and Pumps- Aldo
Necklace- Macys
Boots- Ebay


  1. Looks great. New year new move and new resolution. Although not everybody can carry the new moves gracefully but you have killed it.

  2. Happy New Year! Love the dress and how you paired with the boots. I agree the slit makes it look very sensual. It’s great to keep warm but also look sexy during winter time.

  3. Loved your dress and yeah well I believe everything is in the hands of the Creator our lives and our destiny...so just keep your faith in God and you will always be fine.

  4. Everything will work out for good, luv. Have faith. I love the dress and love sweater dresses too...plus those sexy thigh highs. Alas, I have large feet so never find sexy heeled one my size. Sigh.

  5. Oh girl! Your look is just goals! How I love that sweater dress and the boots too. They pair just perfectly; And since I love bold and long coats, cheers to yours!

  6. New year with a new resolution.... And all your pictures are lovely...

  7. It is such a tossup! There is security in a 9-5, but there is also freedom in working for yourself. It's a conundrum for sure.