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Lady in Red Nails

It's time to say goodbye to July and hello to August.  It's time for new goals, new opportunities, new experiences, and new nail polish lol. 

By now you probably know that red is my favorite color.  I talked about my love for red dresses in a previous post.  I also love red shoes, red lipstick, and red nails! For the past two years, I've been buying my nail polish from Polish and Co and I love it!  It's five free (free of harsh chemicals), long lasting, goes on easily, and it's black owned!  I love the variety of colors they offer, 
but I only buy one color; Red lol.  
They have the perfect shade of red called Location Location Location.   
Once I found this, I stopped searching other brands.  

  Red is the only color I wear on my nails.  It's my signature color. I may wear a deep red in the fall/winter and bright red/coral in the summer.  But for the most part, I stick to a classic red.  It doesn't matter if I'm wearing regular nail polish or if I have a gel set, it's always red. 

I love love love a classic red nail polish!  It's sexy, sophisticated, fiery, bold, and ladylike.  It makes a major statement about the woman wearing it.  It's not for everyone, but it's definitely me!  

Do you have a signature nail color? Or do you try different shades/designs.

Photos from http://polishandco.com/


  1. I love red so much and it's also my signature color. I love a classic red lip with red nails. Red is definitely daring, sexy, and bold!

  2. My wife too has a stack of nail colours in all kind of shades. Im forwarding this post to her. Im sure she would appreciate the colour better:)

  3. Red is a lovely color for nail polish. I had a teacher in art class that said, "red is always beautiful in photographs." It truly is!

  4. This red is slick and beautiful. I do love your nails though. Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep writing!
    -Young Writers Pro

  5. Wow what a gorgeous red! Really suits you. I don't think I have a signature colour, I can lean towards nudes if I have free choice, but my nail tech is amazing and I let her do what she wants, and I never have nude nails :P

    - Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

  6. This is such a beautiful color. To me, it shows power, simply beautiful.

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  8. Red is my FAVOURITE color!! Nail polish wise and clothing wise. I find that it gives me extra stength and confidence.

    Style & Life by Susana